“e-tron series feat.Rayden” by Audi comes out

Audi e-tron series feat. Rayden

The e-tron series is a “mini-series” featuring the popular artist Rayden, conceived for Real Madrid Basketball channels. It is composed of different episodes in which four players of the team will face different challenges and games in pairs, that will help fans to know more about their idols in a personal level and will reveal the secrets of the squad.

During the 6 episodes as co-pilot on board the e-tron, Rayden will be accompanied by Jaycee Carroll, Felipe Reyes, Sergio Llull and Nico Laprovittola. This players will be interviewed by him in a way that is as peculiar as it is fun. A content that, due to the format we have worked on, allows our client Audi to be present in the RMB channels during the rest of the regular season. In this project, Up2You has been responsible for the concept, planning, formats and production of the content itself, as well as the scouting process and the hiring of a celebrity that would fit perfectly with the project such as Rayden.

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